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Pierre Hutsebaut, M.Sc.
CHPC (Chartered Professional Coach)
General Director - International cycling expert

Pierre Hutsebaut holds a Level IV Coaching Certification from the Canadian Coaching Association, and a Level 3 Federal Ranking from the French Cycling Federation. He also holds a Masters in Science from the University of Paris. His skills and his fluency in French and English have made him an international expert and one that the UCI has called upon to work on various events and projects throughout the world.

Under his leadership, Canadian cyclists have distinguished themselves on the international stage for the first time in history. One of the best known would undoubtedly be Steve Bauer, silver medalist at the Olympic Games in Los Angeles in 1984, and 4th in the Tour de France the following year.

Pierre Hutsebaut led the Canadian cycling team to 5 medal wins at the Atlanta Olympics in 1996, ranking them as the 2nd best nation in cycling at the games. He led the riders of the Canadian team through 4 Olympic Games and numerous world championships. Also in 2003, he brilliantly organized the world road championships in Hamilton with resounding success.

Coach of international elite athletes, head coach and high performance director for the Canadian Cycling Federation, Pierre Hutsebaut knows what to do to improve your performance.  If you would like to read more about Pierre, click here!

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  Mathieu Tremblay
Kinesiologist, MASc (biomechanics), personal trainer

Mathieu has worked with many athletes from runners to swimmers as well as many other disciplines, and has introduced several athletes to the sport of triathlon (swim, bike and run). 

He is a Kinesiologist specializing in biomechanics and motion analysis and has worked with many injured athletes to help them through their recovery.

He has worked on various projects to develop new methods of performance evaluation in order to optimize individual sports performance.

Mathieu's coaching philosophy is : "Work less but work better!"

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Pascal Hervé

Pascal Hervé, road cycling champion, joins Pierre Hutsebaut at the Peak Centre for High Performance in Montreal.

After a brilliant career as an amateur during which he became Champion of France in 1992 and was selected for the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, ​​Pascal Hervé turned Pro in 1994. As a professional rider, he participated six times in the Tour de France seven times in the Tour of Spain and three times in the Tour of Italy, during which he was able to demonstrate his ability as a climber and attacker though his career until 2001. He wore the best climber classification in the 1998 Tour de France and 1998 Tour of Spain, and wore the leader's pink jersey at the Giro d'Italia in 1996. These achievements are only part of his resume, which total more than 100 victories.

Pascal recently immigrated to Quebec, and joined Pierre Hutsebaut at the Peak Centre for Human Performance in order to share his exceptional level of experience with cyclists of all levels.

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Luc Morin

Luc has been a dominant force in the triathlon world for years. Known for his strength in cycling and running, excels at both 1/2 Iron and Iron-distances.

As a coach, he began designing altitude programs while obtaining a B.Sc. in Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa. Luc was part of a support team of scientists that helped the Canadian womens National Rowing Team win a gold medal at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.
He is a NCCP Level 3 certified coach with Triathlon Canada and also holds a USA Triathlon (USAT) Coaching certification and International Triathlon Union (ITU) Performance certification. Luke is also a Level 4 course facilitator for the ITU.

He has been the head coach at many ITU developing training camps, and plays the role of mentor to many international federations, coaches, and team managers. He is also works on the development model for Triathlon Québec as well as the Ministry of Sport and leisure in Quebec. Luc has worked with many professional triathletes and Olympians and brings that experience into his daily coaching.

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Elite SportsMed is a sports medicine clinic specializing in the high performance athlete. As Athletic Therapists and Kinesiologists we do not only specialize in the rehabilitation of elite athletes but also in the prevention of injuries through vigorous strength training and core training programs.

Our services include:
Rehabilitation of any and all athletic injuries; from the simple ankle sprain to complex spinal injuries.
Massage: Sport, deep tissue, lymphatic drainage, relaxation and Thai.
Athletic Taping and support: If you have an injury but must still compete, then we can help you stabilize and support the joint or limb through our specialized skills in athletic taping and Kinesio taping methods.
Specialized training programs for strength, speed, quickness and agility: Do you need to get stronger? Gain some muscle mass? Shave some time off your forty-yard? Then you need to call us.
Core strength: Core strength is what helps prevent injuries, makes you faster and stronger, it is the most important training any athlete could do and the most misunderstood; don't let just anyone make you a core program.

Damien Orfanoudakis B.Sc., AT, Kin, CMT
Maryse Fortin Ph.D, B.Sc., AT


Judith Perrault, Dt.P.- Nutritionniste, Candidate M.Sc.

After completing her Bachelor's degree in nutrition at the University of Montreal in 2007, Judith is now studying in graduate programs in order to specialize in sports nutrition.

Passionate about sports, she wishes to use her expertise in the field of nutrition to help athletes achieve their goals and to perform to their full potential.

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